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How to Use Focus Mitts Properly

Focus mitts (also called boxing pads) are a key piece of workout equipment in all types of martial arts. Focus pads offer many benefits; they boost coordination, technique and stamina, and can provide a much more dynamic workout than a punching bag. Fitness trainers use focus mitts as a tool for weight loss. Many professional boxers and kickboxers say

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Top 5 Best Speed Bags in 2017

The speed bag is an essential piece of boxing equipment, and a common sight in any well-equipped gym. While there are many different punching bags that can help you improve your technique and raw power – the speed bag is the best tool to improve precision, reflexes and coordination. In this review, we reveal which speed bags deliver the

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How To Take a Punch

Once you step in the ring, no matter how hard you’ve trained, you’re going to get hit. Knowing how to take a punch can make the difference between being knocked out or winning a fight. Getting hit is normally believed to be a bad thing – but absorbing a punch successfully will give you an opening you can

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