Russell Predicts Haney Victory Over Martin

Gary Antuanne Russell is confident that WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney will successfully defend his title against mandatory challenger Sandor Martin if their fight happens next. According to Russell, Martin’s strategy of trying to steal rounds by fighting hard in the last thirty seconds won’t be effective against a fighter of Haney’s caliber. However, there’s some uncertainty about Haney’s ability to handle Martin’s punching power.

Russell’s Analysis

Russell highlights that Sandor Martin, 30, has a tendency to fight hard only in the last thirty seconds of each round. This approach, he believes, won’t be effective against a well-prepared Devin Haney. Russell also recalls Haney’s previous bout against Ryan Garcia, where Haney was knocked down six times. Many fans believed Garcia should have won by a seventh-round knockout. If Haney’s ability to take hard shots has diminished since that fight, Martin could potentially knock him out.

Haney’s Mandatory Defense

Devin Haney’s mandatory defense is due against Sandor Martin, who holds a professional record of 42-3 with 15 KOs. To keep his WBC title, Haney must defend against Martin next, unless he offers Martin a step aside deal. Despite losing to Ryan Garcia on April 20th, the World Boxing Council allowed Haney to retain his title. This decision has been criticized and has led some to view Haney as a “fake champion,” but Haney shows no intention of giving up his belt.

Russell’s Confidence

Gary Antuanne Russell is confident in Devin Haney’s abilities and believes Martin doesn’t possess the necessary skills to defeat Haney. He points out that Martin is jittery and relies on hitting and moving quickly, but Haney has more “swag” and a superior skill set.

Key Points from Russell’s Analysis

  • Martin’s Strategy: Martin tries to secure rounds by fighting hard in the last thirty seconds.
  • Haney’s Skills: Haney has superior skills and confidence, making it difficult for Martin to outbox him.
  • Power vs. Technique: Martin should focus on trying to get a knockout rather than outboxing Haney.

Potential Fight Outcomes

Russell believes that Haney will emerge victorious if they fight, given Martin’s lack of power and reliance on quick, last-minute rallies. He also suggests that Haney’s promoters need to carefully consider the fight due to the potential risk if Haney’s chin has weakened.

Russell’s Own Aspirations

Russell is confident in his own abilities and believes he could defeat Haney if given the chance. However, it’s uncertain if Russell will get a shot at Haney, as Haney may move up to 147 pounds by the time Russell becomes his mandatory challenger.

Final Thoughts

Gary Antuanne Russell is picking Devin Haney to successfully defend his WBC light welterweight title against Sandor Martin. While Martin’s strategy may pose a challenge, Russell believes Haney’s superior skills will prevail.

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