Prograis Claims Haney Violated Rehydration Rules, Wants WBC Title

Regis Prograis is seeking the return of his WBC light welterweight belt from Devin Haney, alleging that Haney rehydrated 18% to 165 lbs after weighing in at the 140-lb limit for their fight on December 9th last year in San Francisco, California.

Prograis Unaware of Weight Discrepancy During Fight

Prograis (29-2, 24 KOs) was unaware of Haney’s significant rehydration until he returned home after losing the fight by a 12-round unanimous decision. Haney’s 25-lb weight gain gave him a notable advantage, raising questions about why the match was allowed to proceed under these circumstances. Prograis emphasizes the potential risks, stating that if he had been hurt during the fight, the backlash would have been severe.

Key Points from Prograis’ Statement:

  • Unawareness: Prograis didn’t know about Haney’s rehydration until after the fight.
  • Regulatory Concerns: Questions why the fight wasn’t canceled due to the significant weight gain.
  • Health and Safety: Emphasizes the potential dangers and backlash if he had been injured.

Prograis’ Reaction

In an interview with MillCity Boxing, Prograis expressed his concerns and the need to investigate the matter further. He believes that Haney’s excessive rehydration violated the regulations, particularly in California, where rules stipulate limits on weight gain post-weigh-in.

Quotes from Prograis:

  • “I wasn’t aware of it until after the fight after I came back home.”
  • “On the fight night, you don’t know nothing about that.”
  • “Since y’all said it, I have to look into it.”

Allegations of Corruption

Prograis claims that the fight should not have taken place due to Haney exceeding the allowed rehydration limits. He points to corruption in boxing as a factor that allowed the fight to proceed despite the rule violation.

Statements on Corruption:

  • “Boxing is so corrupt.”
  • “In California, you have different rules. You’re not supposed to be a certain weight over the limit.”
  • “That fight wasn’t supposed to happen.”

Possible Repercussions

Prograis is considering his options to regain the WBC light welterweight title, emphasizing that Haney’s actions violated the sport’s regulations. He stresses the importance of fair play and adherence to the rules to maintain the integrity of boxing.

Final Thoughts

Regis Prograis is actively seeking the return of his WBC title, citing Devin Haney’s excessive rehydration as a significant factor that compromised the fairness of their fight. Prograis’ allegations raise critical questions about regulatory oversight and the enforcement of weight regulations in boxing.

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