How To Punch Harder – 7 tips to hit like a truck

Do you want to know how to punch harder and end fights on the spot? Do you feel that your punches should be much more powerful than they are now?

This guide is for you. Get ready to fight smart and hit hard.

The typical idea that being big will make you a powerful puncher is a myth. Gaining muscle mass will do little for your striking power if you don’t know how to punch correctly. Once you unlock the full potential of your body through proper technique and training, your punching power will skyrocket.

The guide below is absolutely free. The only thing you need to pay is attention.

1. Keep Your Feet On The Ground

Every powerful punch starts from the feet. Your leg muscles are insanely strong and you want to incorporate them into your punch as well. Lifting your foot will make you unstable and take away your solid base. It also takes away power from your punches. In order to gain momentum and power you need the full force of your body behind each swing.

2. Stop Your Punch At The Right Time

Think of your fist as if it were a car. The impact that sends people flying happens when the driver slams on the breaks just as the car hits, not when the car keeps moving. Learn to stop your punches at the right time – this will transfer all of the momentum into your target. Also – hanging there while your opponent has plenty of time to land punches on you is never a good thing to do in a fight.

3. Punch Harder By Using Your Entire Body

 While throwing a left-hand punch, your left heel moves outwards while the left knee rotates until it points at the right knee. The hips and shoulders rotate, moving the left side of the torso towards the target, while the right side simultaneously moves away. the punch is completed with the full weight of the body.

We see tiny fighters bust concrete blocks all the time. I challenge you to show me a giant bodybuilder who can do the same.  Why aren’t there any bodybuilders making a career out of hitting hard? I’ll tell you why.

If you don’t know proper technique, you might as well be hitting your attacker with a purse. An arm has weight, but your entire body is heavier. The proper way to throw a punch is to use the entire weight of your body to drive it forward.

How to do this: While throwing your fist, lift and move the heel of your foot outwards as if you were squashing a bug. Rotate your hips and torso as much as possible. Your back and leg muscles are insanely strong, and you want a strong, full movement coming from your back and legs to really send your arm out flying. This is what punching with your entire body means and this is what makes the difference between annoying your opponent and knocking them out cold.

4. Calculate Your Striking Range

To give dynamite power to your punches, aim behind your opponent’s face. When the strike connects, your arm shouldn’t be extended all the way. The ideal range is a few inches shorter than your maximum reach. Stay out of range during the fight, but if the situation allows it, move your entire body a few inches forward when striking.

5. Stay Relaxed

Your muscles shouldn’t be tense when punching or when fighting in general. Stay relaxed when moving and attacking; the trick is to tighten your muscles just before the punch connects.

Keeping your muscles flexed through the entire fight will impair your reactions, your arms will get tired faster, and you’ll be wasting energy.

6. Strength, Explosiveness and Cardio Training

An absolute must. At some point, you’ve surely come up against a competitor that had just been in much better shape than you have. If not, it’ll happen eventually, and it will hurt. There’s nothing wrong with that, and this just means that you need to whip your body into shape.

You can find a lot of good workouts on our website. A good place to start would be looking at our Best Heavy Bag Workout, or if you don’t already own a heavy bag, our best 5 punching bags review.

7. Your Future Fights

Mastering martial arts is more than learning how to punch harder so you can knock someone out. Fighting is an art; there is always room for improvement, and to improve you have to do the work.

In conclusion, Mike Tyson put it best. “Everyone has a plan ’til they get punched in the face“. Practice until every movement is fluid and natural. Executing a technique properly should be a reflex reaction, not something that’s strategized in the middle of a fight.

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