Top 5 Best Heavy Bag Hangers in 2018

A punching bag is an essential tool for aspiring fighters – but you’ll need to hang it before you can use it. A heavy bag hanger is one of your best options, next to a heavy bag stand.

Buying the best heavy bag hanger is essential. The weight of your boxing bag, along with the force of your punches, are exerted upon this small piece of equipment. A low-quality hanger can cause more harm than good. To assist you with your decision, we compiled a list of our top 5 best hangers on the market.

Our Top 5 Best Heavy Bag Hangers

The best performers in our review are Everlast, the Xmark Spacemiser, and the Outslayer Universal heavy bag mount. Here’s more information on choosing the best heavy bag mount for you, along with a detailed review for each product we chose.

What should I look for when buying a heavy bag hanger?
Above all else, a heavy bag hanger needs to be well-constructed and sturdy. Since a punching bag mount constantly supports the weight of your boxing bag, a durable material – like steel, is usually the best option. Vinyl and velcro straps are usually a solid choice as well, as they’re fairly resistant to ripping/breaking – and more silent than a chain.

Ease of installation is also an important factor. Some punching bag mounts will require a ladder, multiple tools, and a bit of savviness. If you’re not the DIY type, a simple strap hanger or an I-beam mount may be better for you.

1. Everlast Heavy Bag Hanger

Everlast Wood Beam Holder (EA)

If you own a lighter punching bag, and don’t have enough space for a heavy bag stand, this is likely the best choice. Everlasts heavy bag holder can be used both for regular boxing bags and double-end bags, and is easy to install on wooden beams. Don’t let it’s small size fool you – it has a quality steel construction and a durable coating. The spinning design allows your punching bag to rotate freely during workouts, which is a plus.

This heavy bag hanger seems to be able to support most standard punching bag sizes, but you’ll likely need something stronger if you own a larger bag. We wouldn’t recommend testing this heavy bag mount to it’s upper limit on a weaker wood beam, either. The good news is – you’re likely not going to need a heavy bag past it’s limit. It’s compatible with most boxing bags on the market, and is cheaper than many hangers we’ve tried.

All bolts and nuts necessary for it’s setup are included.


2. XMark Spacemiser Pivoting Heavy Bag Wall Mount

XMark Spacemiser Pivoting Heavy Bag Wall Mount XM-2831

If you have a weak ceiling, or just prefer wall mounts to common heavy bag hangers, this is a good option. The Spacemiser is packed with features, extremely well-built, and comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty to boot.

This wall mount is constructed from durable 11 gauge steel and feels extremely safe and secure. Its height is adjustable, which is especially useful if you want to lower your punching bag for kicks – or just have several people use it.

On the downside, this wall mount takes more space than a regular hanger. It’s 27.5 inches long, and a heavy bag stand is a viable option if you can afford this much space. To be fair, we found that this mount is extremely secure and doesn’t budge an inch – unlike most punching bag stands, which will shake and rattle with each hit.

We found the setup process to be fairly simple, which is a plus. The biggest issue we’ve had with this mount is the capacity; it’s rated for heavy bags up to 75lbs, which could restrict heavyweights from practicing on boxing bags appropriate for their size.


3. Outslayer Universal Heavy Bag Hanger

0utslayer Universal Heavy Bag Hanger

If you don’t want to drill holes in your wall or ceiling and are looking for a “less permanent” way to hang your punching bag, this is a great option. Don’t let it looks deceive you – this product is solid, heavy-duty, and just as durable as some steel hangers. It has an insane capacity of up to 300lbs, which allows you to hang punching bags of all sizes. Like most heavy bag hangers from this review, its height is adjustable.

Installation is extremely simple, and you can hang your punching bag from I-beams, wooden beams, and just about any construction that can handle the weight. A strap is much quieter than a chain, too – just make sure that you’ve installed this hanger on a smooth surface to avoid any damage or tearing.

If you’re a fan of Outslayer but have no beams or columns that can support a heavy bag, we suggest their heavy bag stand instead.


4. Ringside Steel I-Beam Heavy Bag Hanger

Ringside Steel I-Beam Boxing Muay Thai Heavy Bag Hanger

If you have an I-Beam in your home or gym, this is an excellent choice. While it’s a fair niche product – being only usable on I-beams – we found it to be extremely strong, secure, and worth every penny if you have the means to use it.

The set-up process is much simpler than in most standard punching bag hangers. This hanger can be adjusted anywhere between 3.5″ to 5.5″, fitting most beams. Many owners that we surveyed claimed that the fit was snug and tight, without any rattling or clanking during boxing bag practice.

All mounting hardware is included.


5. Marathon Wood Heavy Bag Hanger

Marathon Swing Hanger for Wood Installation - Heavy Duty Hanger with Ball Bearing Technology up to 60 min Continuous Moving

An extremely sturdy multi-purpose hanger. It can be used for swings, hammocks, rope ladders – and boxing bags. It has an impressive maximum capacity of 275lbs (125kg), which pretty much allows you to hang any heavy bag you’d like.

While this hanger supports back and forth movements, all lateral movements are completely filtered. This can be good for some fighters, and bad for others. You may not like this feature if you plan to circle your boxing bag or throw punches from all sides.

On the upside, this heavy bag hanger is extremely silent. We found it’s movements smooth and free of friction.

This mount is for wood installation only.


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