Diego Lopes’ UFC 300 Fence-Hopping Fine Cut to $2,500

The Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) has halved Diego Lopes’ fine for his post-fight fence-hopping at UFC 300. Originally fined $5,000, the penalty has now been reduced to $2,500 following a recent hearing. This decision comes after UFC CEO Dana White promised to cover the fine, acknowledging Lopes’ request for permission to jump the fence.

Key Points:

  • Fine Reduction: The NAC reduced Lopes’ fine to $2,500 plus $157.04 in legal fees. Since the commission had already withheld $5,000 from his purse, Lopes is due a reimbursement of the difference.
  • Dana White’s Involvement: NAC Executive Director Jeff Mullen confirmed Dana White’s promise to pay Lopes’ fine, noting that Lopes appeared to seek White’s permission before jumping the fence.
  • Lopes’ Performance: Diego Lopes (24-6 MMA, 3-1 UFC) has shown remarkable performance with three consecutive first-round finishes, all within 90 seconds, following a loss in his UFC debut.

Detailed Breakdown:

Fight Outcome:

Diego Lopes delivered a spectacular knockout victory over Sodiq Yusuff just 89 seconds into their featherweight bout at UFC 300, held at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. This win continued Lopes’ streak of first-round finishes, cementing his status as a rising star.

Fence-Hopping Incident:

Following his victory, Lopes celebrated by jumping over the octagon fence, an action that resulted in an initial $5,000 fine. Video footage and testimonies indicated that Lopes gestured to Dana White, seemingly asking for permission to make the jump, which White granted.

Legal Adjustment:

In the recent NAC hearing, the commission decided to reduce the fine to $2,500 plus $157.04 in legal fees. This adjustment was influenced by the context of the incident, including Dana White’s involvement and Lopes’ compliance with post-fight protocols.


The NAC had already withheld $5,000 from Lopes’ $100,000 purse, so he is now entitled to a reimbursement of the difference, amounting to approximately $2,657.04.

Dana White’s Promise:

Jeff Mullen explained that Dana White had committed to covering Lopes’ fine. “After Lopes won, he gestured to Dana White, asking if he could come over. White gestured back, giving permission. Then, White immediately stood up and stated, ‘I will pay his fine.’ Our inspectors assisted in getting Lopes back into the cage,” Mullen recounted.

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