The speed bag is an essential boxing tool to improve timing, precision, and hand-eye coordination. With a quality speed bag platform (and a speed bag swivel), these punching bags offer a great way to stay in shape both indoors and outdoors. But not all speed bag platforms are equal – some are better than others. In this review, we reveal our top 5 best speed bag platforms that deliver the most value, quality, and versatility.

Our Top 5 Best Speed Bag Platforms

Valor Fitness CA-53 Boxing Speed Bag Platform with Bag - 2 in. Platform

When it comes to boxing bag stands and boxing equipment in general, the math is simple. Durability is one of the best traits your equipment can have. If you follow this mindset, the Valor Fitness speed bag platform is a decent choice.

It’s solid steel frame measures 2″ x 2″ and 2″ by 1″, while the high-density wooden platform is 2″ thick. Comparison-wise, this is twice as much as Everlast’s Elite speed bag platform. We found that the sturdy construction keeps the board in place throughout the workout, with little to no vibrations. The board of this speed bag stand measures 23″ in diameter, allowing plenty of space, even for some larger speed bags. Similarly to the Everlast Elite, the height of this platform is adjustable.

We found the assembly process to be fairly easy and straightforward, although you may need a helping hand – this speed bag platform is heavy! Mounting bolts for both cement and wooden mounts are included.

Speed Bag Platform (EA)

If you’ve read our previous reviews, you’ve probably noticed that Everlast has a track record for producing affordable, yet decent boxing equipment. Similarly to Everlasts punching bag stand we mentioned previously, the Elite speed bag platform offers good value for it’s price.

The board of this platform is 24 inches in diameter, which allows it to hold a speed bag of any size. The height of the board is adjustable, while it’s spring-lock system makes modifications fairly simple. This speed bag stand comes with a decent swivel. When compared to swivels that come with most platforms, this one is impressive; we found it’s movements to be silent and smooth, with good and fairly accurate rebound.

As far as stability goes, this platform seems fairly sturdy and solid. Unfortunately, we discovered that it tends to vibrate a bit when punched. This is a common problem with many speed bag stands. These vibrations can produce noise or throw the speed bag off-balance. Placing something on top of the board will weigh the board down and prevent it from vibrating during workout sessions.

This speed bag platform comes with two brace boards, and all the hardware required for assembly. Unfortunately, the hardware required to mount Everlast’s speed bag platform is not included. You’re likely going to need a trip to the hardware store before you can install it.

Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform - Champion Black

Although some of their gear may seem pricey if you’re a beginner, Balazs usually offers exceptional quality. The last time we reviewed one of their heavy bag stands, we were thoroughly impressed – the i-Box speed bag platform is no different.

Made in USA, this platform boasts with a rock-solid gauge steel construction. The wood used for the drum appears dense and sturdy enough, although it could be thicker – the drum is 1 1/4″ thick, which is slightly less than most competitors in this review. On the upside, the drum measures 24″ in diameter, ensuring compatibility with speed bags of any size.

Similarly to the Everlast speed bag stand, the i-Box has adjustable height, and comes with a quality, quiet swivel.

XMark XM-4441 Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

Similarly to the Valor Fitness CA-53, this adjustable speed bag platform is well-constructed, and fairly sturdy. The heavy gauge steel construction helps minimize any vibrations while optimizing the rebound of the bag. The drum is 24″ in diameter, and 1 1/2″ thick. The hardwood construction has a beautiful furniture finish, and we found it to be fairly solid and durable. The height of this speed bag stand is adjustable and can be modified to up to 15″, which is great for a gym setting – or any situation where several fighters are working the speed bag.

Finally, a high-quality speed bag swivel is included with this platform. Considering the terrible state that most pre-included swivels are in, this is an impressive feat. When it comes to rebound smoothness, the swivel included with this punching bag stand rivals many standalone products we’ve tried.

Everlast 6-Piece Speed Bag Set (SET)

If you’re an amateur looking for an affordable “all-in-one” package to introduce you to the world of boxing, this speed bag set is a great choice. It doesn’t have the quality of some high-end speed bag stands – but it still offers good value. This set comes complete with a 24″ adjustable speed bag platform, a leather speed bag, and a pair of boxing gloves. Hand wraps, a speed bag swivel, and a jump rope are also included; all this at a fraction of a price of some standalone speed bag stands!

With that being said, we wouldn’t recommend this set to a seasoned fighter. Many other popular platforms offer better quality and are likely to last longer. We found that the swivel included with this set is somewhat flimsy too, and the drum of the platform could be a little thicker – at 3/4″, it’s the thinnest platform in this review.

Despite its flaws, this speed bag set can still provide a good workout. If you have a child that’s just recently gotten into boxing, or just need something to casually practice your technique on, the Everlast 6-Piece set is a great tool.

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