What is a speed bag bladder? 

A speed bag bladder is a removable internal part of your speed bag that, when inflated, gives the speed bag its shape and firmness – which in turn, allows you to practice your punches. Sooner or later, you’ll have to replace your speed bag bladder for two reasons. The first one is if you’ve been using it for a longer period of time and it’s become worn out. The second one is, if due to forceful punches, it has popped. Speed bag bladder changes are necessary because if it isn’t retaining air, you won’t be able to use the speed bag itself.

How to replace a speed bag bladder

Step 1
Make sure that the bladder is already deflated because this way it will be easy to get it out. If it isn’t deflated, use a needle air pump to get the job done.

Step 2 
Once the speed bag bladder is deflated, untie the laces and open the speed bag. Turn it inside out, in order to reach the bladder and the bag’s valve which is connected to the bladder. Remove the bladder and expose the valve. If you find that you can’t get it out, the reason for that may be that it’s either glued or sewn to the inside of the bag. In that case, use scissors to cut it out. Be cautious so as not to cut the speed bag itself.

Step 3
Once the old bladder is out, the next step is to replace it with a new one. Since there’s a variety of bladders to choose from, whichever you opt for is a personal preference.

Step 4
Apply rubber cement or glue to the surface around the new bladder’s valve and around the speed bag’s valve hole to ensure that the bladder stays put once it’s inside the bag. Applying an adhesive might not always be necessary, but it’s certainly useful. Wait a few minutes for it to try.

Step 5 
After using the rubber cement or glue around the new bladder’s valve and around the speed bag’s valve, insert the bladder’s valve into the bag’s valve hole. Carefully tuck it in so that it stays in place.

Step 6
Inflate the new bladder so that the speed bag goes back to its initial shape. Tie the laces on the speed bag and you’re done!

Tip: If you over-inflated the bag, you’ll notice that it’s much harder to re-lace it because of pressure. Therefore if necessary, you can deflate the bladder a little.

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