Top 5 Best Focus Mitts in 2017

Focus mitts (also known as boxing mitts) are an essential piece of boxing equipment, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fighter.

While punching bag work is essential, boxing mitts are the way to go if you have a partner to train with. They allow a more comprehensive workout than nearly any other tool. To top it off, they don’t take up as much space as a punching bag, and are generally cheap when compared to other boxing equipment. With this said, not all punch mitts are equal. The market is flooded with low-quality products, and finding the best boxing equipment can be difficult. In this review, we’ll reveal our top 5 best focus mitts that deliver the most value and quality.

Our Top 5 Best Focus Mitts

Pro Impact Curved Focus Mitts TITLE Platinum Punch Mitts Everlast 4318 Punch Mitts Sanabul Essential Focus Mitts Meister Cowhide Leather Focus Mitts
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Our Pick
Title Platinum Focus Mitts Everlast Boxing Pads Buy Boxing Mitts

Best Value
Sanabul Punch Mitts

Extremely durable and well-made. High-quality leather construction. Thick padding ensures better shock absorption.

Sturdy and durable focus mitts with an attractive “old school” design. Nearly 3″ of padding for extra protection.

Solid quality at an affordable price. Sturdy and durable. Great for beginners that don’t want to spend a fortune on boxing gear.

Light and comfortable, with a solid leather construction. These focus mitts feature mesh holes to help keep the hands cool and dry.

Quality cowhide leather construction with 2″ of padding. Extra wrist padding offers more support for the joints during boxing pad workouts.

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The best performers in our review are Pro Impact, Title Platinum, and the Everlast 4318 focus mitts. Here’s more information on choosing the best punching mitts for you, along with a detailed review for each product we chose.

Similarly to sparring gloves, the general rule with boxing mitts is – the more padding, the better. Padding doesn’t just protect the holder – but also the person throwing the punches. Focus pads with insufficient padding can leave your fists sore and aching, and can even lead to injury. Additionally, low-quality padding can deteriorate after just a few weeks of punching. We reviewed the thickness, softness, and overall quality of the padding when rating our top 5 models.

A good focus pads workout should always involve a lot of movement – pads are best used as a moving target. With this in mind, an extremely heavy pair of boxing mitts isn’t just exhausting – it will also slow down the wearer, hindering the workout.

An extremely important factor when looking at all boxing equipment, not just boxing pads. Low-quality gear can fall apart after just a couple of weeks of punching, especially during power workouts. We put an emphasis on sturdiness, material quality and construction when writing this review.

Best Focus Mitts1. Pro Impact Curved Focus Mitts

Our personal favorite, and our #1 best focus mitts in this review. These are some of the most durable boxing pads we’ve come across, yet we still found them to be light and comfortable. The leather construction appears extremely tough, resilient and able to stand up to prolonged use. The padding is thicker than in most competitors and offers good shock absorption, while the hook-and-loop closure helps secure a tight fit.

The curved design helps achieve a natural position of the hand for the holder, while ensuring that the center is easier to hit by the puncher. The white target circle is very noticeable on a pitch-black background, and we found it extremely easy to focus on during a workout. A big plus is the sweat-resistant inner lining – it helps keep these focus pads dry and odor free.

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Title Platinum Boxing Mitts2. TITLE Platinum Punch Mitts

TITLE is a big name in the boxing world, and their gear is usually a safe bet. In our previous review, we took a look at their boxing gloves, and were thoroughly impressed with their overall sturdiness and durability.

Similarly to their gloves, the Platinum boxing pads did not disappoint. We found the construction to be very sturdy and durable. The black leather design is especially nice, more so if you’re a fan of the “old school” style. The hook & loop wrist attachment on these focus pads ensures a snug, comfortable fit around most hand sizes, which is a plus.

Despite their solid construction, the biggest selling point of these boxing mitts is the padding. With nearly 3″ of padding, they should offer ample protection, both to the person holding the pads and the hitter. Unfortunately, we found that the thick foam can take a bit longer to break in.

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Everlast Focus Mitts3. Everlast 4318 Punch Mitts

If you’re new to martial arts, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of equipment that’s out there. From boxing gloves to punching bags, the costs can add up quickly. Everlast is usually a safe choice for fighters on a budget – while they do make pro-level boxing gear, they also have a good selection of affordable (but quality) equipment.

Everlasts “4318” boxing pads fall into this category. While we think that there are better boxing mitts out there, the 4318 pads seem sturdy, durable, and most importantly, offer good value for the money. To top it off, we found them to be light and very easy to wear.

The biggest flaw we could find on these punch mitts is the lack of padding. While adequate for light and medium-intensity workouts, these pads aren’t really suitable for rigorous punching sessions. If you’re a professional or a hard hitter in general, we’d suggest something with thicker padding, like TITLE’s platinum punch mitts, or the Meister Cowhide.

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Sanabul Focus Mitts4. Sanabul Essential Curved Boxing MMA Punching Mitts

While the Sanabul name isn’t heard as often as TITLE or Everlast, their boxing mitts can still go toe-to-toe with some of the biggest brands on the market. We found them to be light and snug, but well-constructed and durable. The inner molding of these boxing pads fits the shape of a human hand much better than some competitors. The foam offers good shock absorption. Despite being thick and solid, these feel very light, which results in less fatigue during workouts.

An another bonus is the sturdy leather construction. Leather is one of the best materials for boxing equipment – whether it’s boxing gloves or punching bags. It’s a durable material that can stand up to prolonged punishment – but is also easy to clean and maintain.

Finally, the small mesh holes on the back allow the skin to breathe, even through the thick leather surface.

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Meister Focus Mitts5. Meister Cowhide Leather Curved Focus Mitts

If durability is a major selling point for you, Meister’s Cowhide focus mitts are a solid option. We found them to be extremely durable and well-built. The premium cowhide leather construction can stand up to prolonged abuse, while the 2″ padding is nothing to scoff at. They fit us rather well, and felt pretty snug, despite their “heavy” construction.

The slight curvature of these boxing pads helps maintain your punches centered (as they absolutely should be during a boxing pad workout). Additionally, there’s plenty of wrist padding, which offers solid support to your joints, and helps keep those hands stable during a heavy hitting session.

The only issue we had with these punch mitts is that they felt a little suffocating. Without any mesh holes or extra space for the skin to breathe, the rigid leather construction may feel suffocating after a few rounds.

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